The Great Oconee Clean Up

This past Saturday, September 15, 2018, was International Clean Up Day. And I know what you’re thinking… “why are you telling us after the fact?”… well obviously there was a hurricane coming towards us and as we all know, being safe is everyone’s top priority when it comes to bad weather. But now the sun is coming out and power is getting turned back on and soon we’ll be back to normal. But back to clean up day. Even though my plan of promoting clean up day by encouraging everyone to go outside and pick up litter in their yard is not a thing anymore, I still want to encourage you to get involved. There are actually clean up days happening right in your local communities all the time. And you don’t always have to participate in an organized clean up day. It’s as easy to grab a trash bag, throw on some gloves, and head outside and pick up any litter right in front of your house.

The Great Oconee Clean Up is a litter pick up initiative that creates awareness of the litter problem in the county. A way that you can Th!nk Oconee is by heading outside, on a nice day, and pick up just one bag of litter. By you doing this, that’s one less trash bag full of litter out in our beautiful county. You’re never too little or too old to pick up litter and you can always make it a fun family day by adding games and eating great food after!

We want visitors to focus on all the opportunity and possibility for adventure and fun, but with litter on the ground, that’s hard to do. We want them to stay longer and come back for years to come, and maybe recruit them to stay permanently! Litter is always a problem, but you can help build up the pride in our county by going out and picking up right around your house!

We have an event calendar under the community tab of our website where we feature community events going on. On October 6th, there will be an organized clean up in the Utica area that anyone can participate in. If you have a clean up day that you want to be on the events page, connect with us and let us know and we will be glad to add it on the website. We always want to promote what’s going on in our community to followers of Th!nk Oconee!

I know I mentioned the presence of Hurricane Florence making her way towards us this past weekend. We wanted everyone to stay safe and be smart about their actions with Flo heading towards us so we didn’t encourage litter pick up this past weekend. But if you’re yard looks anything like my yard, there’s a lot of sticks and leaves and the occasional obnoxious piece of litter thrown in the mix. So, my challenge to you? Once the leftover rain dries up some more and the sun comes out, head outside and clean up your yard. Whether that’s picking up the down limbs and leaves or picking up the litter that got blown around, I want to encourage you to take pride in your community and help clean up.

Remember, if you see anything suspicious while picking up litter, don’t touch it and immediately call the Sheriff’s office to have a deputy come out and assist. We want everyone to be safe while cleaning up Oconee.

Look out for more content and events to come and make sure to keep sharing the Th!nk Oconee video with friends and family!

P.S. If you go out and pick up litter, take a picture of your bags once you’re done and post on social media and tag us in it! We’d love to share it with our followers to continue to encourage The Great Oconee Clean Up all year!

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