Why we Th!nk Oconee



What started as a buy local campaign back in October 2016, turned into a celebrate everything that makes Oconee County special campaign. What does that mean to us? It means that we want everyone to Th!nk Oconee in every decision they make; whether that's where you buy your groceries to where you work, we want every decision you make to be in support of Oconee County.

As any branding of a logo goes, there is a meaning behind every aspect of the logo design. To get down to the nitty gritty, I'm going to break it all down for you so that the next time you Th!nk Oconee, you also Th!nk about the brand story and what this logo means to everyone.

Starting out with the circle, when you do a google search the definition of a circle is pretty much what you expect. It’s an infinite shape that goes on forever, meaning there is no start and end. A circle is a symbol of inclusion, and what started out as a buy local campaign has now transformed into an everything campaign. We don't just focus on one aspect of Oconee County but instead celebrate the beautiful mountains, lakes, and waterfalls as well as the local businesses and industries within the county. It's a focus to connect every person to the sense of community that has been established in Oconee County since 1868.

Another key part of this design is the color green. And while it's associated with life, renewal, nature, and energy; all four things that are prevalent within Oconee, it also means growth. Something that Oconee County has focused on more and more is growth within in the county. Bringing local business into the downtown areas as well as new industries, means more growth within our community. But remember, growth is not only limited to business development. It's also associated with beautifying our county to make it the best it can be so that visitors want to keep coming back. Whether that's litter pick up or planting flowers on downtown streetscapes, it's all about bringing the community together to establish a sense of pride in Oconee County.

With all this talk of colors and shapes, you're probably thinking "hey what about that exclamation point?". Well you asked so I'll answer, the exclamation point as the "I" kind of just happened. I know, I know; I said that everything has a meaning. So I went and did a little google search, which is kind of a strange thing to do when it comes to punctuation. What came up was surprising to me... the exclamation point means exactly what you think. But two words stood out to me that lead me to believe this wasn't just an accident. Those two words are "strong feeling". Now I know I've been going on and on about the hidden meanings, but this one isn't really hidden at all. The whole idea behind this everything campaign has been to create a strong feeling of community and place. To give natives and visitors that feeling of belonging and helping out a place that they love.

Oconee County is full of great views but also great people. You rarely meet a stranger when visiting Oconee County because they want you to feel welcome and come back. Th!nk Oconee is a way to get in touch with the local residents and visitors to bring everyone together to celebrate everything about Oconee County. So the next time you head out to shop or hike Th!nk Oconee and Th!nk home.

Daja Dial